A B O U T   R A C H E L  

As of 2014, I have a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. I did my honours degree in the University of Dundee and I am now doing what I love full time. I won an award for my photography. So I guess you could say I'm award winning. Which is pretty darn cool.

I adore quirky weddings and love personal touches. I LOVE editing photos and always take my laptop to weddings so I can get editing as soon as the car ride home. I treat my cats like they are my children and my music taste ranges from the likes of Korn to Beyonce. 

A W A R D S 
 The Lindsays Photography Prize 2014

A B O U T   T O N I E   

So I am the second photographer to Rachel McNeil Photography. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and since meeting Rachel many moons ago, I have been able to practise and hone in on my skills further. Having us both there on your big day will let us give you the best coverage possible and be able to not only capture that smiley group shot for your granny but also the fly on the wall alternative shots that will let you re live the day again and again for years to come. I have other hobbies like cycling, problem solving and most importantly spontaneous dance. 

Also, people tend to touch my face a lot and i'm strangely okay with it. 


O U R   A P P R O A C H

We make honest and creative photography. We will be telling your story and nobody else's. Myself and Tonie aren't obtrusive. We want to capture your natural spirit and emotion in the best way we can. We're not formal photographers and sure as heck won't boss you about. Posed shots are totally okay with us and we have learnt over time how to efficiently photograph all the important shots in good time. It's the fly on the wall photos that will really make you re-live your day in years to come though and we strive at that! If we do say so ourselves.. 

Photography is our passion and we strive to make our business a success and I hope we can do this by sharing those great and memorable moments with you.